Weekend Eats – Boston Edition


After a short hiatus, the first fall edition of Weekend Eats is back and it’s a BOSTON edition! What does a dietitian eat?  Healthy foods all the time?  NO!  Organic foods daily?  NO!  Super small portions?  Nope!  Dietitians are just like you!  We have food days that are super healthy (fruits and veggies at every meal, lean proteins, alcohol free and no sweets!) and we have days that are not as healthy (think chocolate, beer and nachos).  Check out my weekly weekend roundup posts so you can see what my weekend eats are all about!


Breakfast: Friday morning I started off the day with a 5-mile run and a short lifting workout. After this, I was in a rush to get to an early doctor appointment, so my breakfast was a quick mint chocolate chip LaraBar because I knew I would be having lunch shortly after and I needed something to hold me over that would re-fuel me after my workout, but not be too large.


Lunch:  Bernie and I left for Boston on Friday afternoon, so for lunch we whipped up some turkey and cheese sandwiches that we could eat on the way. We used whole wheat sandwich thins, ultra-thin pepper jack cheese slices, turkey and spicy brown mustard.  I also had a macha iced latte on the side – my new fave!



Snack:  Bernie got some car snacks for the ride. He picked up some Honey BBQ fritos, which are, honestly, one of our favorite car snacks.  As I’ve talked about before, sometimes having snacks, that are not as nutritious for me, around in large quantities, gives me a little too much temptation and I tend to eat more then the recommended serving size at a time. To avoid this, Bernie purchased the snack size and we both only had a few throughout the ride. I knew we were going to have an amazing dinner, so I didn’t want to eat too large of a snack so I wouldn’t be super full by the end of the night.


Dinner: Dinner was INCREDIBLE. Bernie was all about trying seafood in Boston, so we went to an amazing place recommended to us by another dietitian friend called Atlantic Fish Co. I CANNOT recommend this place enough!!! The food AND service was awesome. Bernie and I both got drinks – I got a beer (Sam Adams Oktoberfest) and he got a dirty martini and had some of the bread delivered to the table. The bread was warm and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside – SO. GOOD. I started off with a cup of New England Clam Chowder – a childhood favorite of mine. I can’t even tell you how yummy it was!! Then, for dinner, I had their Pan-Seared Sea Bass that also came with spinach and lobster raviolis – this was easily some of the BEST seafood I have had in a LONG TIME. Bernie had grilled swordfish with roasted brussies (and bacon!) and mashed potatoes. OMG – the brussies were to die for.



Dessert: After dinner, we decided to take a short walk around that area of the city and stumbled upon Emack and Bolio’s ice cream, which, according to the sign outside, is “The Original Boston Ice Cream Experience.” As ice cream lovers, we knew we had to try it and it did not disappoint. I had a scoop of the Stoney’s Dream – vanilla ice cream with brownies, chocolate chip cookies and a fudge swirl. This really topped off an incredible night of Boston eats!




Breakfast:  Saturday got off to a bit of a late start due to some AIRBNB issues we had the night before, needing to find a hotel in the middle of the night and not getting to bed until 2 AM. I woke up, did a quick 40 minute HIIT workout on the treadmill at the hotel and got ready for the day. After finding another hotel to crash at for the night, we drove over, checked in, parked the car and headed out on the town! We wanted to do the Freedom Trail (2.5 mile walk around Boston to see most of the historical sites), so we hopped on the bus into downtown Boston and grabbed a quick breakfast at a coffee shop. We split an everything bagel with egg and cheddar cheese and I had a coffee from the hotel and we were on our way!


Lunch: We got a little too into sight seeing and skipped right over lunch! We wanted to do a duck tour and were going to grab something to eat on the ride, but when we got to the Science Museum, tickets for the rest of the tours that day were sold out.  So, we decided to head to Harpoon Brewery (one of my favorite breweries) instead.  We got two of their amazing salted pretzels with beer cheese and brown mustard – SO GOOD. We also got two beers each while we waited to take a tour of their brewery. The tour was awesome! We learned all about Harpoon and even some of the science of how to make beer. We also go to try a whole bunch of their beers that they have on tap – for $5 it was definitely worth it!

IMG_2169 OQDFE4462


IMG_2215 IMG_2214 IMG_2213 IMG_2463


Dinner:  After the brewery, we headed back to the hotel room to take short rest, which turned into a little bit of a nap (whoops). We headed back out around 7:30 PM to grab some dinner and walk around Boston. First, we headed to the Lawn on D to get some pictures in the glowing swings – We even met someone on line who was from Long Island and named Lauren! What a small world. We wanted to go to the Oyster House for dinner, but the wait was 2 hours – and we were starving! So, we headed down the street to Salty Dog instead. We split a cup of NE Clam Chowder, some muscles and a lobster roll. I really loved the chowder and muscles. However, I have to say, lobster rolls are not for me. Bernie had been wanting to try one the whole trip, so we decided to split it at dinner. I also had never had one, so I thought it would be good to try them since they are ALL OVER Boston. I just wasn’t that into having a lobster with mayo all over it. Oh well, you never know what you like until you try it!



Dessert: For dessert, we stopped at the Ghiridelli shop and got some amazing ice cream. The mint chocolate chip really hit the spot.



Brunch:  On Sunday, I got up with the sun and ran along the Charles River. It was, BEAUTIFUL.  After that, I headed back to the hotel, ate some yogurt with cheerios, got ready, packed up our stuff and we started the day at Fenway Park. I did this tour about 10 years ago, but it was really cool to do it again, especially since Bernie is such a sports fan. The stadium is awesome and has so much history – I really recommend taking a tour if you come to Boston! Did you know that they have a garden in their stadium?! They started it in 2015, grow about 5,000 pounds of produce a year and harvest the produce and sell it throughout the park. So cool! After the tour, we headed to City Tap, a brunch spot our friend Will recommended. Now, if you know me at all, you know I love brunch and I LOVE pumpkin things. This place could not have been more perfect! They had an awesome pumpkin filled menu AND so many pumpkin beers on tap! And, to top it off, they were actually tapping a 400 pound pumpkin and giving out the beer in cute glasses. Of course, we both got one and now we have super cute glasses as souvenirs! We started off with the pumpkin hummus, which did not disappoint and then I had the Pork and Sweet Potato Hash and OMG, it was INCREDIBLE!!!!! I cannot recommend this place more. AMAZING.


IMG_2331 IMG_2426 IMG_2339 IMG_2340




Lunch and Dinner:  After the brunch, we headed to the Duck Tour – which was super fun and relaxing! We got to see more of the city and learn a bunch about their history! After the tour, we headed home. We stopped halfway in Massachusetts to watch the first half of the Packer game and I had some French Onion Soup. I was still feeling super stuffed from brunch.

So, there you have it, a recap of an amazing, food filled, weekend in Boston and a weekend full of dietitian’s eats!



Fulper Family Farmstead Farm Tour

On June 24th, a group of Greater New York Dietetic Association members spent the day at Fulper Family Farmstead, a farm that has been in business for 107 years and has 120 cows. The group met in NYC to take a bus with Stacey Jackson from the American Dairy Association North East to NJ to tour the family run dairy farm, learn about dairy and chow down on tasty treats!

During the bus ride, members chatted and networked, played dairy trivia to win prizes and watched a video about farms in the northeast.  Upon arrival, they were greeted by members of the Fulper family and delicious homemade cheese samples.


Breanna Fulper Lundy, Mikayla Fulper, Emma Andrew and Stacey Jackson gave some introductory words as members got comfortable and were served an amazing lunch which included, quiche, sandwiches, salad and fruit.





Next up on the agenda was a presentation with veterinarian, Jon Higgins. He shared some great information about regarding cow health and the farm. Members learned when cows are on antibiotics their milk is always thrown out. Dairy is highly regulated and each batch of milk is checked carefully and milk is discarded and farms are fined if a batch includes traces of antibiotics. Members also learned that ear tags are placed on the ear of each animal to identify each herd member and maintain accurate health and milk records. In addition, Jon reviewed the entire process of cows getting impregnated, giving birth and producing milk.


After Jon’s discussion, the group learned about cow nutrition, from their cow nutritionist, Stephen! This was an especially interesting part of the day as all members love learning about nutrition! Stephen explained the different types of feed and each person was able to see, touch and smell the different feeds. Fun fact: Fulper Farms grows all their own feed for their cows at the farm.

IMG_9268 IMG_9269 IMG_9270 IMG_9272

Next up was the farm tour by Mikayla Fulper. She brought the group around the entire farm, showing them the different sections for the cows of different ages, the fields where the soy beans are grown for the cows, the solar panels and the silos where the food is kept. They have a solar power system installed on their farm that produces enough energy (500 kilowatts) to power all of the farm’s operations. The barn where adults cows are housed has fans and sprinkler systems to keep the cows cool in the summer. It’s relatively new because it collapsed a few years ago in the snow! It’s easy to see that the cows are taken care of so well – some are even named!






The group came back to some fresh chocolate milk and had a chocolate milk toast! Then, fellow dietitian, Tobi Amidor gave a presentation on deciphering the myths vs. the facts about lactose and everyone enjoyed some dessert.

IMG_9237 IMG_9238 IMG_9235IMG_9233

Finally, the group headed in to see some playful calves and then got to see the milking process.





It was an awesome day of learning, enjoying tasty dairy and cow-hugging fun!



Weekend Roundup 11

image2 (1)

What does a dietitian eat?  Healthy foods all the time?  NO!  Organic foods daily?  NO!  Super small portions?  Nope!  Dietitians are just like you!  We have food days that are super healthy (fruits and veggies at every meal, lean proteins, alcohol free and no sweets!) and we have days that are not as healthy (think chocolate, beer and nachos).  Check out my weekly weekend roundup posts so you can see what my weekend eats are all about!


Breakfast: Friday was a quick breakfast of Vans toaster waffles and a tablespoon of sunflower seed butter. I also had the rest of my mom’s fruit salad a little later in the morning. I had clients scheduled all morning and it was super easy for me to chow down on these waffles on the way to the train and then eat my fruit later on.image1 (34)

Lunch:  Lunch was my favorite Just Salad salad, the Roasted Turkey Health Cobb. I really love their bread, but I feel like the portion size is super small. This Friday, I got TWO! I was pretty amped about it.image2 (19)

Snack:  I didn’t have a snack at my usual time, because the salad was super filling. Instead, when I got to Bernie’s job I had a few gold fish.

Dinner:  It was a long week and we had a busy Saturday coming up, so we did Friday Funday in Jersey City. We went to a sushi place and I got two rolls. I always like to get a specialty roll when we get sushi and I’m a sucker for shrimp tempura. I got a shrimp tempura roll with avocado and a spicy tuna roll.image1 (36)


Breakfast:  Before my long run, I had a bowl of chex mix with almond milk. When I run my long runs, I like to have a small carbohydrate breakfast prior to the run. I also brought my clif bar shot blocks with me to give me a bit of fuel during my run.  I was in a rush after my run to eat and get out the door because Bernie and I were helping take pictures of our friends’ engagement and we had to leave right after my run (SO EXCITING!)! I had another two waffles with a tablespoon of sunflower seed butter.
image2 (20) image4 (12)

Lunch: Once we got home, we got sandwiches from Prato, a cute Italian place nearby. I got a mozzarella and tomato sandwich. It’s my favorite sandwich from there. image1 (35)

Dinner:  We went out after lunch to celebrate the engagement at Zepplin Hall, a beer garden in Jersey City. I had one beer and then our friends ordered some food and I had a few fries and a chicken finger from that.


Breakfast:  Sunday I met my Godmother in the city for brunch and a walk in Central Park. I got the heuvos rancheros at The Smith at Lincoln Center. It was delicious! I also had a bellini with my food.image3 (13)

Lunch and Dinner:  We visited our best friends Jon and Julie and their baby Ben on Sunday and hung out for a bit. My lunch/dinner was a delicious steak quesadilla. It was so good!  You know I love my quesadillas!!image4 (11) There you have it!  A weekend full of dietitian’s eats!


Weekend Roundup 10

image1 (17)

What does a dietitian eat?  Healthy foods all the time?  NO!  Organic foods daily?  NO!  Super small portions?  Nope!  Dietitians are just like you!  We have food days that are super healthy (fruits and veggies at every meal, lean proteins, alcohol free and no sweets!) and we have days that are not as healthy (think chocolate, beer and nachos).  Check out my weekly weekend roundup posts so you can see what my weekend eats are all about!


Breakfast: Friday was my typical Siggi’s vanilla yogurt with Purely Elizabeth’s granola, chopped chocolate chips and sliced strawberries.image1 (32)Lunch:  Lunch was my Mexican Quinoa Bowl.  So delicious and filling!image2 (17)

Snack:  For snack I had a banana that I had taken from the Flywheel Sports chelsea location the night before after my workout and 1 tbsp of sunflower seed butter.  This is such an easy snack and tastes AMAZE.image3 (11)

Dinner:  NYP had a free cycling promotion, so after work I headed over to Flywheel Sports for the second day in a row and got in an awesome workout!  When I got home, I was ravenous.  We were supposed to go to a Midnight Market event again, but Bernie wasn’t feeling well, so an egg scramble was my dinner instead!  I sautéed kale and onions and added 1 egg and 1 egg white with cheddar cheese.  This was a good example of how I am as a cook, because I dropped a whole egg on the floor in my haste.  I definitely need to remember to SLOW DOWN when I am cooking sometimes.  I ate this with two slices of whole wheat toast.  YUM!image5 (7)image4 (9)


Breakfast:  We were on Long Island for the weekend and I had to do a 9 mile run.  My breakfast was a bowl of honey nut cheerios with strawberries and almond milk and a cup of coffee.  After eating, I waited about 1 hour until I decided to go for my run.  I also drank plenty of water beforehand.  During my run I ate one clif bar c-blok to give me a bit of fuel.  I forgot my water on the run, though, and totally regretted that!  I was super thirsty and it definitely affected how I was running.  I came home and drank water for the rest of the day.  The run went pretty well and we are coming up to the final month before the half marathon, so I am getting pretty pumped!image6 (3)

Lunch:  After my run, lunch was two slices of whole wheat bread, turkey breast and 2 slices of Colby jack cheese with some brown mustard.  YUMMO!image1 (33)

Snack 1: Bernie and I left to do a bunch of errands and I brought a health warrior chocolate peanut butter chia bar along for the ride. I also got an iced coffee at Flux Coffee.image2 (18)

Snack 2: After the errands we still had some time before dinner, so I had a few sea salt multigrain tortilla chips with hummus and then went to get pedicures with Gina.  WOO!  A pedi felt so good after my long run!  New tip I learned – don’t wear skinny jeans to get your nails done – the nail lady was sweating so hard after trying to pull my pants back down over my monster calves!  Whoops!image3 (12)

 Dinner:  For dinner, my mom made paninis with whole wheat rolls, mozzarella cheese, grilled chicken and roasted red peppers.  I had one of those with a balsamic, apricot glaze and some salad on the side.image5 (8)

Dessert:  We spent some of the night stuffing easter eggs for the easter egg hunt, so I did sneak a few bite sized candies and peanut M&M’s during that 🙂


Breakfast:  Sunday morning, I went for a 45 minute bike ride and did some ab work before mass.  After Easter mass, we went to the diner for some breakfast before having to set up the house to have people over.  I got an omelette with broccoli and cheddar cheese and a side of potatoes.  I had about half the omelet and a quarter of the potatoes and a slice of wheat toast with some coffee.image4 (10)

Lunch and Dinner:  I had a few bites of different appetizers before dinner – ham and cheese Stromboli and bean dip with tortillas chips.  For dinner, I had chicken, garlic bread and asparagus.  I also tried lamb.  I have to say I was not a fan of the lamb, but everything else was awesome!

Dessert:  Aunt Di’s famous desserts were back again and you know I had some!  TWO WEEKENDS IN A ROW!!!  I had some apple strudel and a brownie.  Then I got to take some apple strudel home too!  DELICIOUS!  Here’s a pic of her amazing cake (I didn’t eat it because I’m not a huge cake fan).  But how cute is that?!  Also here are a few of the “bunny butt” cookies she made!  I may have had a few bites of one of these too 🙂image7 (3) image6 (4)

There you have it!  A weekend full of dietitian’s eats!

Mexican Quinoa Bowl + Recipe Roundup 6

I LOVE Black Bean Tacos and they are a staple in our apartment for quick dinners.  So, I decided to take break down my tacos and make a Mexican themed lunch for the final installation of my meatless meals during Lent.  Instead of using the tortillas for my carb, I used quinoa, which adds to the protein content in this yummy meal!

This meal is super easy to make and throw together to re-heat the next day for lunch.  Plus it’s full of protein AND fiber, to help keep you satisfied until that afternoon snack.  WAHOO!

image1 (31)

Mexican Quinoa Bowl

Servings: 1


  • 1/2 cup quinoa, cooked
  • Olive oil spray
  • 1/4 cup red onion, sliced
  • 1/2 green peppers, large, sliced
  • ¼ teaspoon garlic powder
  • ¼ teaspoon onion powder
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 1/2 cups black beans, drained and rinsed
  • 2 tablespoons cheddar cheese, shredded
  • 1/4 avocado, sliced


  • Cook quinoa according to package.
  • While quinoa is cooking, heat olive oil spray on medium pan.  Add red onion, green peppers, garlic and onion powder and sauté for 5 minutes or until onions are translucent.
  • Add cooked quinoa, black beans, peppers and onions to bowl.
  • Top with cheese and avocado.
  • Enjoy!

Calories: 420; Fat: 12,68 g; Saturated fat: 3.891 g; Cholesterol: 12.5 mg; Sodium: 536 mg; Carb: 58.93 g; Fiber: 13.2 g; Sugars: 6.29 g; Protein: 18.7g

Don’t forget to keep reading for some DELICIOUS, meatless, recipes from my amazing dietitian colleagues!

Katie, of One Hungry Bunny, shared her 3-Step Mediterranean Style Buddha Bowl.  She explains how to make your own delicious Buddha Bowl and even gives you tips on how to use the ingredients in her recipe for other meals during the week!buddha bowl mediterranean

Lindsey, of Tasty Balance Nutrition, shared her Curried Chickpea, Sweet Potato, Tofu and Veggie Bowl with Tahini Sauce.  She eats plant powered bowls all the time and shares her formula on how to create your own, easily, and with yummy ingredients!  This Curried Chickpea, Sweet Potato, Tofu and Veggie Bowl with Tahini Sauce is a staple she brings to work and quickly heats up in the microwave!plant protein power bowl

Kelli, of Hungry Hobby, shared her Spicy Tuna Salad, Salmon Hummus Wrap and Chop Chop Salad.  Her tuna salad is an easy, protein packed lunch can be made in 5 minutes and is delicious with toast, whole grain crackers or veggies!  For her salmon wrap recipe, Kelli tells you how to cook salmon so it’s nice and juicy and gives you step by step instructions on how to assemble this delicious wrap!  Her Chop Chop Salad is yummy, takes minimal time to prep, lasts for multiple meals and it’s as crunchy on day three as it was on day one!spicy-tuna-salad salmon-hummus-wrap-www.hungryhobby.net_-1 chop-chop-salad-close-up-square2-1


Julie, of RDelicious Kitchen, shard her Chickpea Walnut Sandwich.  Her protein packed mixture can be eaten on your favorite whole wheat bread, added to your fave salad or eaten with some delicious whole grain crackers.chickpea walnut sandwich

Chelsey, of C It Nutritionally, shared her Mung Bean Lentil Salad.  It’s full of veggies and protein and if you haven’t tried lentils or mung beans, this is the salad for you!  YUM!Mung-bean-stuffed-avocado-1024x665


Weekend Roundup 9

image1 (14)

What does a dietitian eat?  Healthy foods all the time?  NO!  Organic foods daily?  NO!  Super small portions?  Nope!  Dietitians are just like you!  We have food days that are super healthy (fruits and veggies at every meal, lean proteins, alcohol free and no sweets!) and we have days that are not as healthy (think chocolate, beer and nachos).  Check out my weekly weekend roundup posts so you can see what my weekend eats are all about!


Breakfast: Friday was my typical Siggi’s yogurt with Simply Elizabeth’s granola, chopped chocolate chips and sliced strawberries.  I had a bunch of clients to see early on Friday, so I was eating my breakfast in a bit of a rush and forgot to take a pic!

Lunch:  Thursday night was super busy for me and I forgot to pack a lunch, so I ended up walking and getting a Market Plate for lunch.  My plate consisted of baked salmon on a bed of kale and sides of roasted broccoli and sweet potatoes.  It was DELICIOUS!image1 (30)

Dinner:  For dinner, Bernie and I went to a Hot Pot place in Jersey City.  It was my first time experiencing Hot Pot and it was cool and interesting and definitely yummy.  We got shrimp, scallops, dumplings and a side of shrimp fried rice.  I had a pretty difficult time with the chopsticks, but I finally figured it out!  I definitely like forks and knives better. LOL.  I was also pretty surprised when the shrimp arrived and they had eyes!  At first, I was slightly grossed out, but they ended up being so fresh and delicious after we cooked them.  YUM.  After dinner, we went to Target so I could get a FitBit upgrade!  I am amped about this FitBit.  I got the first one that ever came out years ago and I have finally upgraded!  Woo!  On Saturday, I did 36,000 steps!image3 (9)


Breakfast/Brunch: My best friend Kelli visited this weekend, so we had a fun Saturday planned.  After running 8 miles for my half marathon training, we went to Latham House for breakfast.  I got the heuvos rancheros and split one of their homemade biscuits with Bernie.  I have heard awesome things about this place and they were all true.  The food was DELICIOUS!image4 (6)image5 (5)

Lunch:  Since we had brunch/breakfast kind of late, we opted to not get lunch.  Instead, we went into the city, walked along the High Line, and then went to New Territories and split the Unicorn Parade milk shake.  OMG, it was AMAZING!  I highly recommend it.  I cannot wait to go back and try their other items!image1 (28)Dinner:  For dinner, Kelli and I went to Amelia’s.  I had a roll with some hummus (that you get to mix yourself at the table!) and got their Turkey Rueben with the dressing on the side and no swiss cheese.  I ended up taking the bread off and eating the turkey and sauerkraut and dipping my fork in the dressing so I could get a taste of the dressing without all the calories.  I also had about half of the fries on my plate.image2 (16) image3 (10)


Breakfast:  Sunday we had a quick brunch before Bernie and I headed to Long Island for a family party.  I chowed down on a yummy slice of toast topped with avocado, feta cheese and egg.image4 (8)

Lunch and Dinner:  Since we were at the party for a while, I ate enough for both lunch and dinner.  I had some penne ala vodka, a few pieces of chicken breast, some salad and a slice of ham and cheese roll.

Dessert:  Aunt Di’s famous desserts were back and you know I had some!  I had some of here delicious apple puffs and I also had a few mini donuts with canoli cream inside.  So good AND the perfect serving size.image1 (29) image5 (6)

There you have it!  A weekend full of dietitian’s eats!

Strawberry Quinoa Salad + Recipe Roundup 5

I’ve been eating strawberries like it’s my job lately, so I decided to make a salad and add those babies to it!  I love filling my salads with delicious toppings.  This keeps my tastebuds happy and helps me feel satisfied until my next meal.

For this salad, I used spring mix as the base, because that tends to be my favorite salad base.  Feel free to use your fave leafy green as the base if you’re not a spring mix fan.  I love adding quinoa to salads to make them a big heartier.  Anytime I see a quinoa salad at a restaurant, I HAVE to get it.  When you’re chowing down on this salad, you’ll notice that the sweetness of the strawberries mixes so well with the creaminess of the feta cheese and avocado and the chopped walnuts add a nice crunch.

I enjoy this salad with Ken’s Balsamic with Honey Dressing, because balsamic just goes sooo well with strawberries, but you can feel free to dress it up however you like!

Strawberry Quinoa Salad

image1 (27)

Servings: 1


  • 2 cups spring mix
  • 1/2 cup strawberries, chopped
  • 1/4 cup low fat feta cheese
  • 2 tablespoons red onion
  • 2 tablespoon walnuts, chopped
  • 1/4 cup quinoa, cooked
  • 1/4 avocado, chopped


  • Add all ingredients to plate
  • Top with dressing of choice
  • Enjoy!

Nutrition Facts:

Calories: 343; Fat: 21.26 g; Saturated fat: 3.7 g; Cholesterol: 10 mg; Sodium: 374 mg; Carb: 31 g; Fiber: 10.6 g; Sugars: 7.5 g; Protein: 12.7 g

Don’t forget to check out these other delicious meatless recipes from some amazing dietitians below!

Meri, of Real Living Nutrition Services, shared her Winter Quinoa Kale and Pear Salad.  With sweet pears, creamy goat cheese, delicious kale, quinoa and crunchy walnuts, this salad is sure to please!quinoapearsalad5-1024x681Danielle, of The Every Kitchen, shared her Green Papaya Salad with Shrimp.  If you haven’t tried papaya yet, this is the salad for you!  Delicious papaya paired with shrimp and roasted peanuts as your proteins and some traditional Thai flavors.  Yum!shrimp-and-green-papaya-salad-3-1Amanda, of Nutritionist Reviews, shared her Greek Chopped Salad with Roasted Chickpeas.  This lunch is super easy to make and adds a boost of vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber to your lunch!chickpea saladStacie and Jessica, of The Real Food Dietitians, shared their Greek Quinoa Salad.  This gluten-free salad is made with creamy feta, veggies and healthy fats.  Plus they use delicious avocado oil and lemon juice as the dressing!

IMG_9864-e1473102569303Natalie, of Nutrition A La Natalie, shared her Chickpea Salad Sandwich with Sweet Apple Slaw.  A vegetarian twist on a tuna salad, this sandwich is chock full of fiber, vitamins, protein, antioxidants, minerals and healthy fats.Half-Chickpea-SandwichLauren, of Nutri Savvy Health, shared her Eggplant and Squash Tacos with Miso Kale Slaw.  This delicious twist on tacos features grated hard boiled eggs as the protein and baked eggplant as the shell.  Yum!tacos eggplant

Sunflower Seed Butter, Banana & Fig Sandwich + Recipe Roundup 4

Who doesn’t love a good old peanut butter and jelly sandwich?!  If I’m being honest, growing up, I actually hated them.  I would always ask for peanut butter only and didn’t want to touch the jelly.  But one summer, in 10th grade, I was offered one on a school trip.  With nothing else in site to eat, I had to eat it!  To my surprise, I loved it!  Flash forward a few years and I still love them, but sometimes I need to mix it up a bit.

Recently, I’ve become a sunflower seed butter lover, so my sandwiches have changed from PB&J to SB&J.  Then, this past weekend I had a sandwich with fig jam and I thought, “what better way to spice up my SB&J sandie?!”  So I went out and got some delish fig preserves from a market by my apartment (which were on sale…woo!) an created this sandie.

Of course, I had to add some nannies to the mix because I wanted something a little extra to keep me full.

P.S. If you have the luxury of working from home (woohoo!) I suggest throwing this in a panini maker or heating it up in a pan to make it that much more delicious! Yum!

Sunflower Seed Butter, Banana & Fig Sandwichimage1 (25)

Servings: 1


  • 2 slices whole wheat bread
  • 1 tablespoon sunflower seed butter
  • 1 tablespoon fig preserves
  • 1 medium (about 7 inches) banana, sliced


  • Top one slice of bread with sunflower seed butter and one slice with fig preserves.
  • Add sliced banana and put two slices together.
  • Enjoy!

Nutrition Facts:

Calories: 455; Fat: 19.4 g; Saturated fat: 2.1 g; Cholesterol: 0 mg; Sodium: 441 mg; Carb: 83 g; Fiber: 15.1 g; Sugars: 36.4 g; Protein: 18.3 g

Whitney, of To Live and Diet in L.A. shared her Sweet Corn Pasta Salad.  This protein packed salad takes only 20 minutes to whip up and helps you add more corn (a yummy whole grain) to your diet!Summer-Corn-Pasta-Salad

Kelly, of Hungry Hobby shared her Taco Tuna Quinoa Sliders.  These 5 ingredient, protein packed, sliders are a delicious lunch idea and they are freezable so you can make enough of them them to reheat whenever you want!Tuna-Quinoa-Cakes_

Gauri, of Ayur Nutrition, shared her Spinach Lentil Quinoa Khichari.  This protein packed meal is a great way to add more lentils to your diet and includes some yummy spices!Spinach-Lentil-Quinao-Khichari-830x623

EA Stewart, of The Spicy RD, shared her Super Duper Raw Power Salad.  This salad is loaded with veggies and fruits and has a variety of textures to make your tastebuds go “Wow!”.SuperSaladMain2

Sarah, of The Bucket List Tummy, shared her Lemon Tahini Lentil Dip.  This delicious dish is packed with fiber and a blend of Indian and Mediterranean flavors.Lemon-Tahini-Dip-1

Jessica, of Nutrioulicious, shared her Asian Style Farro Buddha Bowl with Crispy Baked Tofu.  This is the perfect recipe if you’re trying to eat healthy on a budget!  With whole grain farro and some delicious toppings (including crispy tofu!), you just can’t go wrong with this buddha bowl.buddha bowl

image1 (12)

What does a dietitian eat?  Healthy foods all the time?  NO!  Organic foods daily?  NO!  Super small portions?  Nope!  Dietitians are just like you!  We have food days that are super healthy (fruits and veggies at every meal, lean proteins, alcohol free and no sweets!) and we have days that are not as healthy (think chocolate, beer and nachos).  Check out my weekly weekend roundup posts so you can see what my weekend eats are all about!


Breakfast: I didn’t go to the gym this Friday because it had been a loooongggg week.  Monday night we went to WWE in Brooklyn (actually way more fun than I thought it would be LOL) and Wednesday we went to the Opera in NYC (La Traviota).  Both nights we got home super late and I definitely did not sleep enough, so I was trying to get a full 8 hours on Friday.  For breakfast I had dark chocolate peanut butter overnight oats.  I made a huge batch of these and was eating them for breakfast every day.  Super simple to make and so delish!overnight oats

Lunch:  For lunch, I made my Crunch Chickpea Veggie Bowl and added half an avocado.  MMMMMmmmm.avocado

Snack 1:  I was feeling super full from lunch (must have been all that avoooo), so I didn’t have a snack at work, but I ate about 3 cups of White Cheddar Skinny Pop on the way to Long Island.

Dinner:  Since I was on Long Island, it was pizza Friday again!  I had 2 slices of Sicilian pizza and got some laundry done.

Dessert:  My best friend Jenn came by and we all went to Charlottes in my hometown for some froyo!  I forgot to take a pic, but I got cake batter fro yo and topped it with fresh strawberries and brownie bits (my all time fave flavor and toppings).


On Saturday, I woke up with a stomach virus at 4 AM.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any meals to show you because my day consisted of eating some crackers, pretzels and chicken noodle soup.  To make up for this missing day and lack of food on Sunday, I extended the weekend to include Monday’s eats as well!


Breakfast:  My stomach was still feeling off, so for breakfast I nibbled on about a quarter of a toasted everything bagel and sipped on some iced coffee.  Sunday was girls’ day with my Dad’s side of the family and we went to go see Madagascar at a small theater on Long Island.  It was super cute!image3 (8)

Lunch:  We went out to lunch and I was feeling a little better at lunch and ordered their panini with chicken, fig jam and brie cheese.  I ate a little more than half of the panini and had a few fries.


Dinner:  For dinner, my mom heated up some left over ziti and I had a little of that.  My stomach still wasn’t feeling 100%, so everything I ate, I ate very slowly.  I also was feeling more comfort food and carbs, so I stayed away from salads because I wasn’t sure how they would sit in my stomach.ziti Monday

Breakfast: For breakfast I had Siggi’s vanilla yogurt topped with 10 dark chocolate chips chopped up and ¼ cup Purely Elizabeth’s granola + a cold brew coffee from Starbucks (cold brew is my new favorite type of coffee) breakfast

Lunch:  Lunch was the Roasted Turkey Health Cobb Salad from Just Salad with cucumbers and pita chips added in.  I love this salad because I get a good amount of veggies, carbs, proteins and fats and it’s very filling 🙂salad

Snack: 100 calorie Dark Chocolate Mint Zing Bar.  I was feeling full from lunch, so I had a small snack because I went to a cycle class before dinner and I wanted to make sure I fueled up so I could do well in class.image2 (14)

Dinner: Acai Bowl from Shaka Bowl.  I got an acai base with strawberries, granola and peanut butter on top.  I love how these are like smoothies in a bowl.  They are so yummy!bowl There you have it!  A weekend full of dietitian’s eats!

Crunchy Chickpea Veggie Bowl + Recipe Roundup 3

image2 (12)

I’ve been on a veggie bowl kick lately.  We’ve had an overload of brussels sprouts and broccoli in the fridge, so I’ve been roasting brussels sprouts and broccoli and throwing them in a bowl with a starch and protein and sometimes some avocado.  It has been amazing, and the best part is that it’s super easy to create your own!  So, I decided to share my newest bowl creation with all of you for this installment of meatless recipes.  I roasted my favorite veggies (brussies and broccoli), got my starch in with a small sweet potato and my protein in with delicious, crunchy roasted chick peas.  Chick peas are a great source of protein and provide you with fiber, folate, iron and B vitamins too!  Plus, roasting them gives this bowl a nice crunch, something I’m always looking for in a meal.  You can purchase roasted chick peas, or make them on your own!  I added 1 tablespoon of Franks Red Hot sauce for an extra kick, but you can eat this bowl without the sauce if you don’t like spicy flavors.

Crunchy Chickpea Veggie Bowl

image1 (24)

Servings: 1


  • 1 small sweet potato
  • Olive oil spray
  • 1 cup broccoli
  • 1 cup brussels sprouts
  • Garlic powder
  • Onion powder
  • 1/3 cup roasted chickpeas
  • 1 tablespoon of Franks Red Hot Buffalo Sauce


  • Preheat oven to 375⁰F
  • Chop sweet potato into ½ inch pieces.  Add to baking sheet, spray with olive oil and add garlic and onion powder.  Place baking sheet in oven and roast for 30-40 minutes or until they are cooked the way you like them.
  • Chop broccoli and brussels sprouts.  Add to baking sheet, spray with olive oil and add garlic and onion powder.  Place baking sheet in oven and roast for 20-30 minutes or until they are cooked the way you like them.
  • Add sweet potato, broccoli, brussels sprouts and chickpeas to a bowl.  Drizzle hot sauce on top.  Enjoy!

Nutrition Facts:

Calories: 321; Fat: 3 g; Saturated fat: .113 g; Cholesterol: 0 mg; Sodium: 584 mg; Carb: 63.4 g; Fiber: 17.2 g; Sugars: 12.42 g; Protein: 14.58 g

Check out the recipes below from my amazing colleagues for some additional meatless lunch ideas!

Christy, of Christy Wilson Nutrition shared her Black Bean and Quinoa with Cilantro, Lime and Feta recipe.  She combines black beans and quinoa, which she calls a “superfood power couple,” in this delicious recipe that takes on 25 minutes to make!

quinoa and black beans

Amy, of Amy Gorin Nutrition, shared her Vegan Hummus Pita Pizza recipe.  She tops these yummy pizzas with one of her favorite foods, mushrooms, and uses fresh oregano as a finishing touch.  Delish!pita pizza

Judy, of Live Best, shared her Layered Spelt Salad recipe.  If you’re looking to shake up your salads a bit, then this is the recipe for you!  Judy uses spelt, a whole grain with lots of fiber and a chewy texture, in this delicious salad.spelt salad

Tawnie, of Krolls Korner, shared her Zucchini and Avocado Mac & Cheese recipe.  This amazing mac and cheese uses nutritional yeast, which Tawnie tells us contains fiber, protein and B vitamins.  Why have mac and cheese from the box when you can make your own with veggies and avocado?!mac and cheese

Kelli, of Hungry Hobby, shared how to make an adult lunchable.  You get to pick your favorite high quality protein, healthy fat, veggies and goodies to make your own!  The examples she has look pretty sweet!  **The lunchable pictured does include meat, however, you can make your own to be meatless!


Katie shared her Tuna Salad with Apples and Herbs.  She changed up a regular old tuna salad by adding some crunchy diced apples.  YUM!tuna