Weekend Roundup 6

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What does a dietitian eat?  Healthy foods all the time?  NO!  Organic foods daily?  NO!  Super small portions?  Nope!  Dietitians are just like you!  We have food days that are super healthy (fruits and veggies at every meal, lean proteins, alcohol free and no sweets!) and we have days that are not as healthy (think chocolate, beer and nachos).  Check out my weekly weekend roundup posts so you can see what my weekend eats are all about!


Breakfast: 1 cup Siggi’s vanlla yogurt, 10 chopped dark chocolate chips, ¼ cup Purely Elizabeth granola. Unfortunately, we ran out of fruit by the end of the week and I was so busy I didn’t have time to run out and grab something to add to my yogurt.


Lunch:  Just Salad’s new avocado toast! Since it’s Lent, I can’t have meat on Fridays for the next few weeks. I’ve got some awesome blog posts coming up that will have some delicious meat free recipes that you can make.  But for now, I ran to Just Salad and got some meat free toast! Smashed avocado, feta cheese, pumpkin seeds and crispy onions. Yummy!


Snack 1:  Since the avocado toast was so filling and I knew we’d be going out to dinner, I munched on a bit of White Cheddar Skinny Pop.

Snack 2: After work, I met with my good friend at Le Pain Quotidien and got a cappuccino.

Dinner:  Friday Funday was back in NY this week.  We went to Becco, one of our favorite Italian places and got their pasta special and a glass of moscato! For the special, you get a salad or anti pasta and unlimited pasta. Each day they have different specialty pastas. We got to try their linguini with clams, kale and ricotta ravioli and bow tie pasta with red sauce. We finished dinner up with two cappuccinos. It was amazing, as always!
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Breakfast: Breakfast was a delicious wrap with egg whites, spinach, tomatoes and feta cheese and coffee that Bernie surprised me.
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Dinner:  I wasn’t feeling great on Saturday and the wrap was pretty filling, so I ended up skipping meals until dinner. I don’t usually do that, but Saturday was an exception. Our friends came over and we went to Talde and split a few menu items. We had the pretzel pork and chive dumplings, shrimp shumai, kung pao chicken wings, everything roti bread and beef short rib kare kare.

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Dessert: We went to Cookies and Crepes in Jersey City for the first time. I got the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake and ate about half.

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Breakfast: I woke up on Sunday and ran 5 miles. It was super cold, but since I hadn’t been able to exercise for the four previous days, it felt awesome. After my run, I had a Health Warrior chocolate peanut butter chia bar because we were going to church and we had brunch reservations at 11:30 AM.  I chose to have a small granola bar because I don’t like to wait more then 1 hour after exercising to eat and I didn’t want to eat something large before brunch. We had a delicious brunch on Sunday at Kitchen Step with some great friends. Bernie and I got the eggs benedict with smoked salmon and croissant French toast and split them. YUMMO!
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Dinner:  For dinner, we decided to get some pizza and split it. It was still freezing out and we still have to go food shopping for the week. We went to Rustique, which is right down the block from our apartment. We got the Red and White pizza which is half white pizza and half margarita and the Tammy which has spinach, caramelized and garlic. The Red and White was delicious, but we didn’t really like the Tammy as much.

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There you have it!  A weekend full of dietitian’s eats!

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